Love is the best thing in life... until it's over.

Grade: A.Romance and heartbreakis rarely as movingas "Sleepless in New York".
John Anderson, Indiewire
A hauntingly beautiful film!
Ryan McNeil, The Matinee
We’re witness to peoplecoming through these hard timeswith a fiery, new spirit,and a renewed outlook on life.
William Brownridge, The Film Reel
Delicate, fascinating and compelling!
DOCVILLE Film Festival Belgium
A Break Up Song on Screen: The New Yorkers’ tales are relatable, touching, and inspirational. "Sleepless in New York" sends a resonating message that overwhelms you with the power of love.

Paralyzing, tormenting and overwhelming... Often laughed off as nothing more than an affliction of adolescence, lovesickness is the topic of a new, sensitive and compelling documentary film. Oscar nominated director Christian Frei and award-winning cinematographer Peter Indergand dive into the frenzied nights of three newly rejected. Nights full of pain and tears, yet also with wakefulness and creativity. Renowned anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher reveals the astounding and profound processes that unfold in the brain of the lovesick. She says: "The game of love matters. It matters big time." Exploring the difficult path out of self-destructive obsessive behavior, toward a new self, "SLEEPLESS IN NEW YORK" is a film for those in love, out of love or looking for love.

When you get rejected in love,
you still continue to love this person.
In fact you love them even harder.

Helen Fisher | Anthropologist

When he grabbed my hand, I could feel my uterus going: Yes, I’m gonna have your babies. I wanna have your babies.

Rosey La Rouge | Fell in love at the Mermaid Parade

I could see a future with him and now I can’t see anything.

Alley Scott | Rejected four days ago

Love is one of the most powerful brain systems ever created.

Helen Fisher | Anthropologist

Why am I passing by her house almost every night?

Michael Hariton | Rejected two weeks ago

If I close my eyes, I remember how he smells - that drug... I just want a hit. Just one fix of that smell.

Alley Scott | Rejected four days ago

I have a life to rebuild whatever the fuck that means.

Michael Hariton | Rejected two weeks ago


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A film by
Christian Frei
Director of Photography
Peter Indergand scs
Max Richter, Eleni Karaindrou, Giya Kancheli
Christian Frei
Assistant Editor
Lara Hacisalihzade
Judy Karp
Sound Design & Mix
Florian Eidenbenz (Tonstudio Magnetix)
Colour Grading
Patrick Lindenmaier (Andromeda Film AG)
Special Mirror Subway Sequences
Kugler Precision GmbH Salem, Germany
Production Assistant New York
Simone Eymann
Production Consultant New York
Tanja Meding
Participants Casting New York
Maria Luisa Gambale, Caroline Sinclair
Christian Frei – Christian Frei Filmproduktionen GmbH
Martin Pieper ZDF/arte, Urs Augstburger SRF, Sven Wälti SRG SSR

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